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10 Types of Travel Bags for the Jetsetter

10 Types of Travel Bags for the Jetsetter

10 Types of Travel Bags for the Jetsetter

If you’re getting ready to jet off on your next adventure, you need to think carefully about the type of travel bag that's best suited to your destination. After all, you aren’t going to want to drag a heavy suitcase up the subway steps in New York or struggle with a bulky bag through narrow European streets in search of your hostel. With so many styles to choose from, we’ve put together this handy list to help you make the right decision.

The Spacious Tote

Travel totes are roomy without being too unwieldy to carry and offer enough space to keep your essentials within easy reach. You may find that a single tote, like this Leather Journalist Tote Bag, is all you need for a short trip, but they are often excellent travel companions during longer trips when you will also be checking a suitcase.

Leather Journalist Tote Bag

The Organized Travel Wallet

Getting to the airport and fumbling around trying to find your passport has to be one of the most travel-anxiety-inducing things ever. Level up your travel experience by investing in a travel wallet that has labeled compartments for everything you need to start and complete your journey with no drama.

The Everyday Fanny Pack

Fashion always comes full circle, and we’re leaning into '90s style with our next recommendation. Fanny packs, such as this Pastel Camo Water-Resistant Fanny Pack, are compact pouches with a belt buckle that can be worn around the hips or waist. Because they will always be on your person and typically have zippered compartments, they are perfect for housing your valuables or even just your snacks. We won’t judge.

Pastel Camo Water-Resistant Fanny Pack

The Hands-Free Backpack

Backpacks are easy to carry, hardwearing and often the perfect size for overhead compartment storage. Look for a style with padded straps, which will prevent your backpack from being too hard on your shoulders, and don’t be tempted to over-pack because it may become too heavy to carry. If you don’t want the added stress involved with checking in your luggage and you’re traveling light, a backpack could be your ideal match.

The Laid-Back Weekender

If you’re an expert packer and know that you don’t want to lug around most of your worldly belongings on your next vacation, don’t even think about anything other than a laid-back weekend bag, like this Sage Leather Bucktown Tote Bag. Choose a style with both short and long straps for maximum versatility, and go for waterproof or water-resistant outer materials as this will keep out the elements without taking ages to dry. And don’t overlook the importance of pockets because they’ll save you from accidentally pulling out your underwear in the middle of the airport when searching for your passport.

Sage Leather Bucktown Tote Bag

The Easy Breezy Wheeled Case

Wheeled suitcases remain one of the most popular types of travel bag, largely because they are available in a range of different sizes. Most wheeled suitcases have two wheels, but those with four spinner wheels can be much easier to transport, especially if you’re a self-confessed over-packer. And unless you’re specifically going on a backpacking trip, they’re essentially the only type of travel bag that makes sense for long-haul travel.

The Secure Messenger

Always in style and effortlessly easy to carry, messenger bags can be worn across the body, leaving your hands free for your boarding pass and your much-needed cup of coffee. Messenger bags generally have several closures to keep your essentials safe, along with multiple pockets that will help you to stay organized.

The Handy Duffel

Traditionally cylindrical and constructed from durable canvas or leather, duffel bags are equipped with zipper closures and practical carrying straps. They can often be used in place of a rigid suitcase and are easier to fit into small allocated storage areas on planes. They’re also ideal to take on trips with cobblestone streets because they’re much easier to transport than wheeled luggage.

The Tech Bag

With space for your laptop, phone, tablet, cameras and any associated chargers and batteries you may need, a tech bag is an essential for many. With padded compartments to protect your gadgets from damage and zipper closures to keep everything safe as you’re traveling from point A to B, don’t risk not bringing one with you if you’re super attached to your devices.

The Essentials Bag

Wherever you’re going, having a compact wash bag filled with essentials to keep you feeling fresh is a must. These soft pouches have enough room for your toothbrush, floss, deodorant, hair brush, soap, and anything else you might need. Opt for a waterproof style to minimize the damage if anything leaks during your journey.