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11 Seriously Stylish Ways To Wear A Statement Necklace

11 Seriously Stylish Ways To Wear A Statement Necklace

11 Seriously Stylish Ways To Wear A Statement Necklace

Layering is always a recipe for fashion success, and it is not just about the clothes. Accessories add another layer and dimension to outfits, particularly statement necklaces, which can create the extraordinary from pieces that might otherwise fade into the shadows. The key to making the most of the impact that statement necklaces can have is knowing how to style them, and that is where we are on hand to help. The following 11 top tips show how seriously stylish great necklaces can look.

1. Tie it in

Men wear ties to add unity to a shirt and blazer combo, and women can use a statement necklace in the same way. Choose a blazer and blouse in complementary colors and wear a necklace such as the Women’s Peace Necklace underneath a buttoned-up collar.

Women’s Peace Necklace

2. Mix it up

Add impact by wearing multi-tiered necklaces such as the Gold Wanderlust necklace, or try combining more than one necklace at the same time to add different shapes, lengths, and textures. This looks great with an open-neck shirt and a moto or denim jacket.

3. Join the chain gang

There is an old-fashioned rule that you don’t mix metals when it comes to your jewelry, but why be confined by such outdated ideas? In fact, thick, mixed-metal chains can look amazing. Plus, wearing multiple metals around your neck gives you lots of choice when it comes to choosing jewelry for the rest of your body.

4. Go subtle

Keep in mind that a statement necklace doesn’t always have to be big and bold. A small twinkle can instantly add sparkle to an outfit without overpowering more understated outfits or detracting from detailing on your clothes. An example of a small but beautiful statement necklace is our Dainty Crystal Necklace made from high-quality zinc alloy and cubic zirconia.

5. Add some color

A statement necklace can instantly add color to an otherwise plain outfit and can elevate fairly mundane choices to another level of style. For example, you could brighten up a simple t-shirt and denim jacket combo with our Loved Rainbow Elements Necklace.

Loved Rainbow Elements Necklace

6. Zip it up

You may have reservations about how necklaces will look positioned against metal zippers, but they can actually look really cool. Try matching metals or go for something sparkling to really add some shine to your outfit choice.

7. Stick your neck out

Statement necklaces can really come into their own when worn over turtleneck sweaters and tops. Silver, crystals, or diamonds will shine against the fabric, adding textural contrasts as well as twinkling beauty, or go for smooth stones or colorful metals to add another dimension to your top. Both long and short statement necklaces can work with this look, and you can tailor it to suit your individual style. Whether you choose a leather jacket and black turtleneck combo or a velvet blazer and smooth white top, a statement necklace can offer a versatile twist that will really finish off the look.

8. Make a statement

Statement necklaces are a great way of mixing up outfits and adding a new twist to statement pieces, but don’t be afraid of mixing it up when it comes to the necklaces themselves. Some of the best statement necklaces make use of a variety of different materials to add texture to the piece and interest for the eye. For example, there are necklaces that combine everything from pearls and studs to rhinestones and crystals to create a look that is original and fun.

9. Charm your way

Small charms can look stunning on their own but can really add impact when you mix different charms in different metals on a variety of chains of varying lengths. This can create a cohesive look while offering masses of versatility when it comes to mixing and matching your jewelry choices. Some options include our Gold Peace Sign and Gold Dipped Brass Zodiac Collection necklaces.

Gold Dipped Brass Zodiac Collection

10. Choker style

Chokers are big news and are a great way of dressing up simple sweaters. Try stacking layers of different metal chokers to create a look that is chic, stylish, and perfect for a multitude of different occasions.

11. Make it pop

Team your favorite statement necklace with an all-black outfit to really make your jewelry choice pop. This is great when you have a colorful necklace, such as our Glitzy Over The Rainbow Necklace, that you really want to show off. The plain outfit will create the perfect canvas to really allow your necklace to take center stage.