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7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Statement T Shirt

7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Statement T Shirt

7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Statement T Shirt

Everyone has their favorite statement t-shirt - the one that makes you smile and brightens up your day. It is one of the most comfortable items in your wardrobe, in addition to looking stylish and flattering your shape. In fact, the only thing that is wrong with this t-shirt is that there are never enough occasions to wear it! A statement t-shirt is just one single style, right? Wrong! If you need some more options, here are seven ways to wear your favorite statement t-shirt.

With Leggings

This is a classic look that you may have already tried. Wearing your favorite statement t-shirt with leggings says that you are sporty, energetic and ready to go. This is a great look to team with a pair of tennis shoes if you feel like going for a run or you want to look like you are staying in shape. Choose between cropped or ankle-length leggings, such as these Gray Camouflage Printed Knit Leggings, depending on the weather.

Gray Camouflage Printed Knit Leggings

With Denim

This is another great, classic look. You can never go wrong with a decent pair of jeans and a statement t-shirt. Opt for skinny jeans or jeggings, such as these Blue Denim Ripped Skinny Stretch Pants, if you want to look sexy. Cropped jeans look wonderful in the spring or when you want to create a fun look. For a hot summer day, a pair of denim shorts or cut-offs can make you look hot while keeping you cool.

Blue Denim Ripped Skinny Stretch Pants

Traditional blue jeans will complete the classic style; team with sneakers for a fantastic dressed-down, casual look. To look rebellious, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans.

With a Belt

If you don’t want to wear your t-shirt loose or tucked into your pants, you could team it with a belt.

A great retro look will involve a wide belt done up around the waist and a statement t-shirt that has been hitched up to just below the belt. A pair of leggings completes the retro style and screams '80s Madonna.

An elastic belt is a fabulous way of cinching in your waist and showing off your hips. Although a statement t-shirt is comfortable, they do tend to be quite baggy and understated. To look and feel sexy, use a belt to show off your figure.

Belts look great with pants or jeans. A belt can bring the top and bottom half of your outfit together and set it off perfectly. Opt for a statement buckle to stand out from the crowd.

With Slacks

Slacks may be a bit of a different look for you with a statement t-shirt. However, it is a fabulous ensemble for dress-down Fridays. You will look business-like enough to feel smart in a pair of slacks without being too formal, and the statement t-shirt will help you to create that Friday feeling. This is also a great style if you are planning to go to the bar straight from work to celebrate the weekend as you won’t feel so dressed up that you will want to get changed. This style will give you the best of both worlds.

As A Fake Crop Top

Crop tops are trendy right now, with everyone who is anyone being photographed in one. You don’t need to take the scissors to your favorite t-shirt, however, because it is easy to cheat. Tuck the bottom of your t-shirt up into your bra to turn it into a crop top. This will work with any bra but can be easier if you are wearing a sports bra.

If your t-shirt is quite long, you could gather it up into a ponytail at the front and then push the end up through your bra as an alternative way to create your look.

Another on-trend way to wear a t-shirt is to knot it at the front for a slightly longer crop, as shown with this Grateful Classic Fit Tee.

Grateful Classic Fit Tee

Under A Dress

Turn a dress into a pinafore by wearing your favorite statement t-shirt underneath it. You will create a completely different style for both your t-shirt and your dress by doing this. A sundress works best for this look.

Over A Dress

Wearing your favorite statement t-shirt over your dress can create a completely new look. You can wear the dress underneath in much the same way as you would a skirt but then wear the t-shirt over it. The best type of dress to use is a tight-fitting dress so that you can create a pencil skirt and top-style ensemble without having to worry about the middle part becoming exposed if the t-shirt rides up.

Enjoy these new and stylish ways to wear your favorite statement t-shirt and see which one you like best!