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9 Colors That Men Love On Women

9 Colors That Men Love On Women

9 Colors That Men Love On Women

Whether we realize it or not, the colors we wear say a lot about us. Color psychology has shown us that the shades we wear can have a big effect on us and how we are perceived by others. Studies have shown that men and women do naturally gravitate toward different color choices, with men preferring blue, red and green, while women tend to favor purple, yellow and red. Here are the top nine colors men like to see on women.


It will come as no surprise that red - the color of seduction and passion - is one of the top colors men like to see women wearing. There is plenty of science behind it, too. Red clothes have been scientifically proven to make women appear more attractive to men. Red is strongly linked to desire and attraction. In fact, experts even say red is the best color to wear on a date to show your confidence and boldness.


You may have heard the saying "pink to make the boys wink", and while pink is often the favorite color of little girls, it seems men rate pink as a color for women to wear, too. Pink is extremely feminine, youthful and flirty. The color of romance, pink sends the message that you are sweet and innocent. This No Rain No Rainbow Tee is sure to be a winner as it combines both pink and red, two of men's most-preferred colors.


Black is another color men love to see on women because it makes her seem mysterious, which can pique a man’s interest. It is understated, chic and sophisticated, conjuring up an elegant and stylish air. It is also seen as powerful. That is why a well-tailored black pantsuit or a little black dress are always a winner. As Coco Chanel, who created the little black dress, said: “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”


On the other end of the color spectrum is white, which is popular among men because it represents peace, cleanliness and purity. It is also seen as clean and fresh, in addition to being the color traditionally worn by brides. This cute and pretty Backless Ruched Midi Sundress is innocent, bridal and simply beautiful.



In a similar way, men also like cream colors on women. Like white, cream is seen as showing purity and innocence. It also has the benefit of exuding class and elegance.


Yellow is a happy color, and when you wear this bold hue, it sends the message that you are outgoing, content and positive. The color of summer, yellow is fresh and bright. Studies have shown that men who are attracted to yellow tend to be positive and adventurous types themselves.


Blue is officially the most popular color in the world, reigning supreme ahead of red and green. In a survey by YouGov conducted in ten countries across four continents, blue was the top choice. Figures also show that blue is more popular with men, as almost two thirds of those questioned listed it as their favorite color. Blue is seen as a symbol of strength and business, and when coupled with the popularity of the color among men, this makes it a great choice. A bright electric blue like this Blue Bailey Leather Bomber Jacket is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.



As the color of nature, green gives off an air of freshness, earthiness and warmth. It makes the wearer appear open, friendly and more approachable. Wearing green will make people think you are down to earth and calm. Green is often associated with money and can have connotations of wealth.


These colors are popular with men because they are similar to pink or have pink undertones. Fresh and summery coral or peach tones suggest youth and femininity.


Another color that ranked as a favorite shade among men was brown. Brown is believed to show a sense of duty and responsibility, as well as loyalty and dependability.

The colors we wear can have an impact on how we are seen by others. But far more than that, the colors we wear can have an impact on us. Wearing colors that make you feel happy and confident is the best thing you can do. After all, nothing looks better on you than confidence and contentment.