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Best T-Shirt Dresses, Work Outfits for Women

Best T-Shirt Dresses, Work Outfits for Women

Best T-Shirt Dresses, Work Outfits for Women

A t-shirt dress is one of the most versatile things you can have in your wardrobe. It looks good either dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers. It is easy to throw on in the morning, and you don’t have to figure out what to wear with it.

Some of The Great Things About T-Shirt Dresses

One of the best things about t-shirt dresses is that they rarely need ironing. You can just wash them, dry them, and hang them up. They are easy for style maintenance.

Another fantastic thing about them is that they tend to be relatively inexpensive. There is a big price difference between buying a t-shirt dress for work and splashing out on a new suit. This can make a huge difference to your bank balance and affect the frequency with which you can afford to buy new workwear.

As great as t-shirt dresses are, if you have a strict dress policy at work, you may not feel comfortable wearing one to the office, especially if you are trying to impress the boss. Here are some great ways of wearing t-shirt dresses as work outfits for women and getting away with it.

Consider The Length

T-shirt dresses usually come in three sizes: mini, midi, or maxi. If you have a strict dress code at work, you probably won’t get away with wearing a mini t-shirt dress. They are usually very straight by design, so they can look shorter than they really are, and they have a tendency to ride up, too. However, you could wear a floaty mini dress, such as this Butterfly Sleeve Hollow Lace V Neck Dress.

Butterfly Sleeve Hollow Lace V Neck Dress

A midi or a maxi dress are better choices for the office. Choose one with a smart design, and you will look stylish and professional. On a chilly day, you could team your dress with a cardigan. A long cardigan and a maxi dress will elongate your figure and make you look taller than you are. A midi dress may look better with a shorter cardigan if you want to bring out your trendy, creative side.

Wear a Blazer

If you want to dress for a day at the office, you can’t go wrong with a blazer, like this Slim Elegant Long Sleeve Blazer. They go with everything and quickly turn casual into business-like, whatever you wear with them. This is a great option if you are going out straight after work as you can take your blazer off to turn business into bar room quite easily.

Slim Elegant Long Sleeve Blazer

Wear It with A Scarf

Adding a scarf to your t-shirt dress can make it look totally different. This is a fantastic way of adding style and sophistication to your image while staying comfortable. A chiffon scarf that blends in well with your dress will stay understated and creative. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a neutrally toned dress and team it with a brightly colored scarf. This will show that you mean business and you will look professional.

Wear It with Heels

Let’s face it: nothing says office smart like a pair of high-heeled shoes. Court shoes are probably the best look for the office as they have a chunky heel. This means that they will be comfortable enough to walk around in all day without your toes blistering.

Depending on what dress you wear, you may be able to get away with a pair of platforms. However, these can often be too heavy for a t-shirt dress, especially if the dress looks quite summery. and it may make you look too casual.

Kitten heels or a low stiletto are acceptable, but very high stilettos say "sexy" rather than "business", so don’t overdo it. You will also have to consider if a thin heel will be comfortable enough to wear all day.

Add Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is very eye-catching and will make people sit up and take notice of you. You are making a bold statement if you wear this combination. Opt for a necklace or a pair of earrings so that people see the jewelry next to the dress. Statement jewelry will make your t-shirt dress look more sophisticated and professional because the eye is drawn to the jewelry rather than the dress, which means you can get away with dressing down more. To enhance the effect, opt for a plain t-shirt dress and some bright jewelry, such as this Loved Rainbow Element Necklace.

Loved Rainbow Element Necklace

You can get away with wearing a t-shirt dress to the office; you just have to choose the right dress and the right accessories.