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Complete Guide On How To Buy The Best Jeans For Women

Complete Guide On How To Buy The Best Jeans For Women

Complete Guide On How To Buy The Best Jeans For Women

Skinny or boyfriend, indigo or faded, ripped or dressy? These are the hurdles to be jumped in the pursuit of choosing the picture-perfect pair of jeans.

Jeans can be worn pretty much anywhere, from a stroll around the block to a dressy night out with the girls, making them a closet staple we can’t really do without. If they fit right, they can give you a massive confidence boost. If they don’t, they can be uncomfortable and incredibly unflattering.

Whether you’re wandering around the mall or checking pairs out online, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the choices out there. Heaped up in piles in the store or scrolling through the endless images online, the sheer size of the selection of brands, fits and styles can be daunting.

Here's our definitive jeans guide.

Which rise?


The low-rise jean sits around 2 inches below the navel. Curvy girls are going to look great in a low-rise pair, as are the athletically built. If you find that you carry weight around your middle, you might want to avoid the low-rise jean as it can create the dreaded muffin top.

The mid-rise

Sitting just below the navel, this rise is seen as the most figure-friendly. Most shapes will suit the mid-rise jean. This style will give you just a bit more structure around the waistline.

The high-rise

Great for the hourglass figure, this totally classic style looks great with crop tops and tucked-in blouses.

Which Style?

Now that you’ve found your fit, you’re on to the style. Think about jeans you already own and which look makes you feel great. It’s important to know why you’re investing in this pair of jeans. Are they going to be run-arounds or are they evening wear? Jeans are pretty versatile, but one pair won’t suit all occasions. Knowing when you’re going to be wearing them will help you select the style.


These look great on those with a medium to large-sized bust and a smaller waist (apple shapes), or the athletically built. Super cute with blazers and heels, this looser cut looks great for daytime chic.

If you’re looking for an edgy twist on the boyfriend jean, look no further than Neiman Marcus. Their Le Garcon Boyfriend Jean is made from a new anti-microbial fabric that breathes and regulates your temperature.

Straight leg

This suits the hourglass figure, the apple or the athletic build. Always timelessly classic, it looks sweet with ballet pumps and a super-cool shirt. Try the 501 original fit by Levis if you’re after a straight leg. They're always in style and as versatile as they’ve ever been. Dress down with a cute pump or dress up with a high stiletto.



This is perfect for the hourglass and those wider around the hips with a tiny waist (pear shapes). Team with a heeled boot and you’ll rock the boho vibe in these. Every time you close your eyes and think about jeans, the first name that enters your mind is Levis. Back again on our list for the bootcut jean, we recommend the 725 High Rise Bootcut.



Hourglass and pear-shaped girls will rock the flared look. A timeless classic that’s been in and out of fashion since the '60s, this brings a total retro look. If you’re on the shorter side, check that the inseam is right or the look could overwhelm you.


If flared is your thing, visit Anthropologie’s Pilcro The Icon Flares. They’re ultra-figure hugging, giving great support around the waist and widening from the knee.


Suiting all shapes, the skinny has been rocking the jeans world since the noughties and is a global favorite. If you’re an hourglass, go for darker shades; apples and athletics look better in lighter shades. Often worn for glamour, these jeans go with heels, boots or high sandals.

Check out these blue denim high-waist ripped skinny jeans from Allgoodlaces. 

blue denim high-waist ripped skinny jeans

The rips generate rock chick vibes, and the dark wash makes them perfect for an evening out at the bar.

Which Wash?

The dark wash is a firm favorite with all body shapes and can carry the day-to-evening vibe effortlessly. If you’re looking for a lighter wash, such as these blue denim ripped skinny stretch pant, you’re going to find they work better for a more casual daywear feel.

blue denim ripped skinny stretch pant

Whatever jeans you choose, wear them well. They're more than just clothing; they tell the world who you are. You've got this!