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Here are Gift Ideas for Women Over 40

Here are Gift Ideas for Women Over 40

Here are Gift Ideas for Women Over 40

It can be difficult to know what to buy for a woman over 40. There's a good chance she already has a wide selection of ornaments, photo frames, soft furnishings and kitchen utensils, so what are you left with? If you are wondering what to buy as a gift for a woman over 40 in your life, look no further than this guide.


Who doesn’t love an indulgent bubble bath? Whatever your age or gender, you are likely to enjoy a long soak in the bath when you get the opportunity, and a woman over 40 is no different.

If you know she likes a particular fragrance, your job is easy. If not, it may take a little detective work. Start by dropping some scents into conversation or even asking her outright what her preference is. You could try looking around her bathroom to see what she already has or whether there is a theme to the fragrances she likes, such as flowers or fruit.


Sticking with the theme of scent, how about getting her a scented candle? These are soothing, relaxing and make a room smell fantastic. Best of all, she is likely to be able to keep this present for herself rather than her kids or husband borrowing it when she is not looking.

There are so many different fragrances to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice, but if you have found out what fragrances she likes already, at least you can narrow down your options.

Candles, like this Green Coco Palm Candle, make fantastic presents. They are cozy and warming on long winter nights, and they can be a great tool for meditation or yoga practice, too.

Green Coco Palm Candle


Say it with jewelry and you can’t go wrong. Whether you opt for the perfect pair of earrings or a necklace that you know will look fantastic on her, such as this Scripted Notes Locket with her initial on, every woman loves the gift of jewelry. This will be especially appreciated if you already know what type of metal or style she favors. However, don’t despair if she doesn’t; you could always suggest a shopping trip or lunch in town, which will give you the opportunity to sound her out and get the perfect idea for a jewelry gift.

Scripted Notes Locket


Books are a fantastic gift for women over 40 as you have so many options. You can get a book that is based on her hobbies, a collection of classics, or even the latest blockbuster novel from her favorite author. The choices are endless when it comes to books, and she can keep it and read it repeatedly.


If you don’t mind spending the money, opt for a hardback book. These look stylish and suit a bookshelf in the living room or kitchen very well. A reference book, such as a cookbook, should be hardback as these tend to be kept downstairs. However, for a best-seller or book collection, she may appreciate a paperback and these can be easier to handle while reading.


Most women appreciate a good bottle of wine, so find out her favorite vintage and add it to her collection. If you want to take this one step further, there are a variety of different wine clubs that offer a new type of wine every month. She can sample anything from an old favorite to a new-world wine she has never heard of and expand her tastebuds.


An experience is an amazing gift, but you might want to check how adventurous she is first as you could get this wrong. However, there are many different experiences to choose from, and they cater to any taste.

If she is an adventurous woman, how about a race car experience or the chance to fly a plane? Wing walking and parachute jumping are also options if she is the type who enjoys a challenge and an adrenaline rush.

For the more cautious woman, the experience of an afternoon tea in a charming hotel will be well appreciated, and you could always upgrade to an overnight stay if you are feeling generous. A spa day is also a fantastic option for the more laid-back woman, and they often throw some treatments in, along with the use of the facilities, to make her day even more enjoyable.

These are some fantastic gift ideas for women over 40. The only thing you have to do now is decide which one she would like best!