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Here Are The Most Popular Types of Gym Tote Bag

Here Are The Most Popular Types of Gym Tote Bag

Here Are The Most Popular Types of Gym Tote Bag

With the New Year comes new resolutions, and for many of us, that will be looking after ourselves more and trying to keep fit. If one of your new year's vows is to hit the gym more often, you’ll need a great tote bag to hold all your essentials. There are so many different gym bags on the market in a huge array of shapes, fabrics, colors and styles. Pick the right one, and you will not only find a great way to carry all your gym gear in style, but you might also find the motivation you need to hit the gym more often.

Here Are The Most Popular Types of Gym Tote Bag

What are you looking for in a gym bag?

Before buying a gym tote bag, think about what you need from it. Do you want lots of compartments for your things? Do you cycle or run to the gym and could do with something lightweight and easy to carry? Do you take lots of bulky equipment or clothing to your workout with you? Think carefully about what you need from your gym bag to help you select the right style of bag for you. You should also think about the most suitable fabric for you, and don’t forget to choose one that you really like the style of so it gives you the boost you need to use it more. Here’s our guide to the most popular types of gym tote bags.


A backpack-style gym bag has two major benefits. First, it has straps that can be worn on your back. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who walks, jogs or cycles to their sports session or simply wants to keep their hands free. Second, most backpacks have one or two outer pockets that are perfect for stashing certain smaller items and preventing you from having to delve and dive into a big gym holdall. Backpacks usually do not have as much capacity as a traditional gym bag or holdall and are best suited for people who do not take a lot with them to work out. Opt for a smarter version, such as Fold N’Go Bag, if you’re heading straight from desk to cross trainer, or try a drawstring gym bag, which is a lightweight nylon or polyester bag that is waterproof and easily wiped down. These have thin straps that can be worn on your shoulders but do not hold as much as a traditional backpack.

Fold N’Go Bag

Duffel bag

Cylindrical with one large compartment, the duffel bag can often double up as a carry-on bag for a vacation. The main benefit of a duffel bag is its size. Its large and flexible shape makes it ideal for holding bulkier items, and it can easily carry trainers, hoodies and toiletries. A duffel bag usually has two smaller carry straps and cannot be carried on the shoulder. Some have an outer pocket or maybe even two, but most items would be kept within the main body of the bag.

Canvas tote

A canvas tote makes a great gym bag. This style of bag, with its rectangular body and double straps, offers plenty of space for carrying your trainers and gym gear. It is not obviously a gym bag, so it can be used in daily life, too. The main benefit of a canvas tote bag as a gym bag is that it can be washed, which is great for a bag that has been stashing sweaty gym equipment. This Hustle Canvas Tote Bag is reusable, hand washable and eco-friendly as well as being stylish and on-trend. It is great for those who are continuing with their day after their gym trip.

Hustle Canvas Tote Bag

Gym holdall/carryall

Gym bags or carryalls are usually designed specifically to carry gym gear and sportswear. They are usually more rigid in shape than a duffel bag and have two handles as well as a shoulder strap. Large and roomy, they are the perfect size for stashing tennis shoes and clothing. Most have outer pockets and end pockets, which means there are plenty of compartments for stashing things you may want to access quickly and easily, such as your cell, keys or water bottle. Some may even have a special compartment designed for tennis shoes. One drawback of the carryall is that there are lots of crevices for bacteria to hide, and many carryalls come in leather and canvas, which can be hard to clean and can retain odors. Look for carryalls made from nylon or polyester instead.