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How To Make A DIY Necklace Holder

How To Make A DIY Necklace Holder

How To Make A DIY Necklace Holder

Friend Necklace

Whether you need to store a dainty crystal necklace, your favorite Handmade Necklace or a treasured gift like this Friend Necklace, a homemade necklace holder can be ideal. Alternatively, you could make one for someone else as a gift to show how much you care. Here’s how:

dainty crystal necklace

Wall-mounted wooden necklace holder

You can turn almost any piece of wood into a DIY necklace holder. Of course, you can use other materials, but wood is easy to work with, even if you’re not the craftiest person in the world, and the result should be light enough to hang easily. It can also be a really cost-effective way of making a necklace holder as you can use anything from an unwanted shelf to an old, unloved piece of art to make your project. Just keep an eye on the depth of the piece you choose as you need to be able to screw in knobs and you don’t want them protruding through the back and creating something that stops your holder from hanging flush against the wall.

Start by getting out the tape measure and measuring your chosen piece of wood. This will help you to plan out your design and ensure that you pick up the right accessories for the job. You will be choosing attractive knobs to screw into your wood that you can hang your necklaces on, so think about how you want your chains to hang and how much space you need between each knob to make finding and picking your favorite necklace as easy as possible. We recommend around nine knobs for a 32-inch by 8-inch piece of wood.

Draw your design

Before getting the drill out, mark out where you want your knobs. If you are having a single line, this is as easy as dividing the width of the wood by 2 and then dividing the length equally according to the number of knobs you want to place. To do this, divide the length by how many knobs you have plus one to account for the extra space needed on either side of the holes. Use chalk or an erasable pencil to mark out your holes. If you decide to do two lines of knobs, stagger them, positioning one high and then the next one low and then continuing this pattern.

Get your supplies together

Next up, assemble your equipment to make your necklace holder. You will need a drill and bits, your wood (finished as you want it) and your choice of knobs. You may want to use all the same knobs or choose a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. It can look really stylish if you alternate plain colored knobs with patterned designs, although the beauty of this DIY necklace holder is that you can choose absolutely anything. Each knob could be a completely different shape, color and size if this is the look you want to go for.

Get drilling

It’s time to get drilling. As a basic rule, try to match the drill bit you use with the size of the screw on the knob you are positioning. If you’re not sure, go for the smallest drill bit you can as you can size up far easier than you can sort out a hole that is way too big.

Finally, screw in your knobs. If you are using a narrower piece of wood or a hollow sign, don’t forget to use the backing, which comes with some knobs in order to ensure that they are held firmly in place.

Mount your holder

Last but not least, it is time to mount your necklace holder on the wall. If you are reusing a picture or wall sign, it may already have hanging brackets. If it doesn’t, you can buy these cheaply online or at your local hardware store. If you really want to save cash, however, you could use a couple of screws and some thin wire or strong string.

Leaf & Feather Necklace

Just think about the wall you are hanging on and the weight of your piece, including the additional weight of your favorite collection of chains, chokers and multi-layer necklaces, like this Leaf & Feather Necklace. If you’re not an expert at hanging things on your wall, don’t be afraid to search the internet for a plethora of top tips and tutorials as the last thing you want is for your DIY necklace holder to fall down almost as soon as you put it up - taking half your wall with it!