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Tips On How To Wear Bright Colors And Look Trendy 2021

Tips On How To Wear Bright Colors And Look Trendy 2021

Tips On How To Wear Bright Colors And Look Trendy 2021

As summer ends and we pack away our florals, we can be tempted to turn to darker shades during fall and winter. But with color splashed all over the catwalks this season, is it time to try on some brights? For those of us who don’t feel quite ready to sashay to the store dressed head to toe in rainbow brights, let’s talk about the ways we can wear color and look stylish without feeling self-conscious.

How can I wear bright colors and still look trendy?

Choosing to add just a pop of color can evoke a complete mood change. You don’t have to dress head to toe in brights to be in style. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can inject a burst of color into your wardrobe.

Accessorize - If you feel much more comfortable wearing darker or more muted tones and feel adding too much color is going to overwhelm you, add some bright accessories. Black or white looks fantastic with a vivid shade of yellow or cerise. Bangles or a cute statement necklace could really refresh a well-loved and well-worn outfit. A pair of ballet pumps or heels in a vibrant shade could really update an outfit, too. Scarves, bags and even watches are all cool ways to add just that dot of color to your wardrobe. Sometimes less really is more.

How can I wear bright colors and still look trendy?

Layer up the shades - If you’re cool with the whole brights trend, this could be an option for you to mix up your look in a new way. Green has been a real hit on the catwalks this year. You could wear a forest green skirt with an olive green sweater and jade heels. Whatever your color combo, the best approach is to wear different shades of the same color. It's effective and classy.

Go with the basics - If the idea of layering or accessorizing feels like too much to think about, choose a couple of bright basics from the store. Patterned jumpsuits and dresses are in every store dress rail this fall. A colorful dress or jumpsuit can be toned down with neutral shoes or jackets. Keep your accessories neutral, and your statement piece will keep you in style. A colorful coat - either patterned or block color - might just be the wardrobe refresh you need to keep up with the colorful trend.

Trust your instincts - Whatever you decide - clad from head to toe in bright colors or just a splash of color with the statement bag - go with what makes you comfortable. After all, wearing something bright, colorful and fabulous is meant to make you feel that way!

Here are a couple of our favorite brights:

Mango - Robe belt with round buckle available in green or black

This belt is truly scrumptious. Available in bright green, it will bring a real pop of color to an outfit. Wear with jeans and a white blouse. You could even wear matching ballet pumps.

J.Ing Husk Mustard yellow knitted sweater

Marigolds and mustards are brights that are hot on the catwalk this fall. This slimline jumper will look classically chic at the same time as looking super trendy. Pair with slim-fitting cropped pants and some boots and you’ll be good to go.

H&M Fuchsia Pink draped dress

Perfect for a fall night out on the town, this fuchsia pink dress is stunning and flattering at the same time. Pair with some pink shoes in the same or a different shade, or tone it down with a pair of rose gold heels. The choice is yours. To be even more dazzling, wear with a brightly colored patterned coat. You’ll be a real head-turner.

All good laces - Floral print ruffle trim shorts

The combination of brights in a floral pattern in this Ruffle Trim Short Dress is stylish, trendy and so easy to wear. Tone it down for a lunch date with a denim jacket and flat boots or create a great evening look with a fuchsia jacket and heels. What’s not to love?

Ruffle Trim Short Dress

All good laces - Cute Acai Women’s bracelet

For those of you who are just desperate to edge a bit more color into your daywear, this could be just the thing. 

Cute Acai Women’s bracelet

Available in a rich range of colors from the hugely fashionable marigold to fuchsia and green, build them up and create a rainbow of colors on your arm. This bracelet is going to do just what you want it to do!